Affiliation & Fees

Please contact the league secretary before the start of the season if your club would like to join the league.

Men’s affiliation (U20M, SM & VM) – £80
Boy’s affiliation (U11B, U13B, U15B & U17M) – £15
Women’s affiliation (U20W, SW & VW) – £80
Girls’ affiliation (U11G, U13G, U15G & U17W) – £15

Payment for affiliation is made by clubs only. Individual members of clubs do not need to pay.

Please check that your club has submitted the appropriate fee to the Treasurer before the 1st September otherwise a Penalty fee of £10 will be charged before your club can compete in the league. This is a rule of the League, please take note of this. The Fees shown below are the only amounts to be paid to the League in a season, there will be no entry fees charged at each meeting.

The preference of the league is for electronic payment by BACS. Please confirm with the League Secretary which method of payment you want to use and he will provide you with the bank account details.

You can also pay your affiliation fee by entering any Co-Op branch (if you have one near to you) and pay it directly into the NSCCL account (Details from the League Secretary).

Should you choose the elctronic payment options please inform the Treasurer by e-mail the date the payment was made and the amount.

Please also complete this form (PDF format) and send it to the address shown below.

Cheques should only be used as a last resort and should be made payable to ‘North Staffordshire Cross Country League’ and sent to:

Mr R Smith (Treasurer)
94  Stallington Road
Blythe Bridge
ST11 9PD